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Relax! Your Horse's Photo Day Worries: Addressed and Resolved!

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

So, you've meticulously planned the perfect photoshoot with your beloved horse. You've pampered them to the nines, mapped out your artistic vision, and selected the ideal outfit. But, there's that nagging worry: What if your horse doesn't cooperate on the big day?

1. Fidgety Horses: Let's talk about the fidgety ones first. Trust me, your horse won't be the first or the hundredth restless one I've photographed. These equine whirlwinds are a source of fluidity, always in motion, and they make for some incredible action shots. With their perked-up ears, dynamic movement, and expressive faces, fidgety horses can make marvellous photographs. And the best part? Each photograph takes only milliseconds, sparing your horse from prolonged stillness. A brief pause between their antics is all we need to craft stunning artwork.

Remember, it's crucial for you to stay relaxed during the shoot, even with a fidgety horse. I'm not here to judge; in fact, I've had my fair share of fidgety horse encounters. We'll take our time and adapt to what suits your horse best.

2. "Boring" Horses: Now, for the quiet ones on the opposite end of the spectrum. Those horses that seem completely unflappable. Sometimes, their impeccable behaviour can work against us in a photoshoot.

But fear not, we have tricks up our sleeves. We'll jump, leap, make funny noises, and do whatever it takes to liven up your horse and elicit those perfect expressions. The beauty of a calm horse is that we can pose them however you like; they're so chill that anything works.

Horses often surprise you during the shoot, behaving like the perfect little angels you'd never expect.

3. Getting Those Ears Forward: Concerned about getting those elusive perked ears?

Worry not, I have an arsenal of tricks to ensure we achieve that on the day. From mimicking horse noises to rustling treat bags and other silly antics, we'll go the extra mile.

If you're concerned about your horse's cooperation, having a helper by your side can be a game-changer. They can combine their efforts with ours to guarantee the best results. Helpers aren't mandatory; even hubbies can make fantastic assistants.

4. The Easily Spooked Horse: For the horse that's scared of everything, we proceed with patience and zero pressure. There's no rush to complete the shoot at a certain time or in a specific way. I'm flexible. If your horse isn't comfortable in one location, we can try another. If that doesn't work, we'll simply take our time and let them settle in. If your horse only feels safe in one particular spot, we'll make it work to our advantage.

This day isn't about pushing your horse to face their fears; it's about helping them realize that it's not all bad, and we won't force them into anything they're uncomfortable with.

5. Pre-Photo Shoot Scratches and Marks: Simple and straightforward, don't fret if your horse has a few scratches or marks before the photoshoot. With the magic of Photoshop, we can easily remove them, making it as if they were never there. Trust me; I've had my share of horses who decide to mark themselves up the night before something important. No need to warn me in advance; we've got it covered.

6. Young and Inexperienced Horses: Young horses can be an absolute blast to work with. They're still learning, they may make mistakes, but they're often genuine and sweet. Your horse doesn't need to be a seasoned pro to participate in your photoshoot. All we require is the ability to have your horse in a halter and lead.

And finally, always remember: The perfect photograph only takes 1/1000th of a second to capture. So even if your horse decides it's having an off day, all we need is a split moment in time to work our photographic magic. Worry not, we've got you and your horse covered!

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