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Fine art Session

Welcome to our FINE ART SESSION – where your horse gets the superstar treatment! 

Get ready to dive into a world of equine glamour that's all about celebrating tradition with a modern twist.

Take your pick from either a classic Black or White background for your photos, and we'll create a timeless keepsake that'll never go out of style.

Planning a fine art session is a piece of cake – no need to worry about perfect weather conditions. All we require for a fine art session is an area with solid shade, the perfect place is in a stable block walkway, a large shed or undercover area however we can make almost anything work including paddock shelters if that is all you have available. 

Prepare to be amazed as we work our magic, expertly posing your horse to turn them into stunning pieces of art. Our approach is all about keeping it relaxed and enjoyable. We work quickly to make sure your horse stays happy and stress-free throughout the process. No matter if your horse is a bit of a worrywart or a total goofball, we've got it covered! We'll capture their unique personality and style on the day. It's all about making your horse shine like the superstar they are!

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